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Creation Is Illusion - geanark
Creation Is Illusion
Creation is an illusion fostered by the "miracle" of birth.
It is assembly that lies at it's root.
Even a baby is "assembled" out of water, nutrients, air, & other energies. 

If I make a stack of blocks, or a painting, I am just assembling, rearranging what is already there.

If the universe needs a creator so bad, how come the creator doesn't?

The only creation we know is in our ability to respond to our needs and desires by rearranging the universe a little bit.
Why would that be something to worship?
Indeed, why would anything worthy of our worship be so meager as to expect/desire/demand it?

Contemplate how the creator came to be if you want an unanswerable question, leave reality out of it.

Reality already is much more mystery than we can use.
Indeed! it is much more of a mystery if it is not just some simple magic trick.

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