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The Right To An Effective Well (Not) Regulated Militia Is Reborn - geanark
The Right To An Effective Well (Not) Regulated Militia Is Reborn
Can a cheap unarmed drone or two take out an expensive military bot swarm?
For now, it seems the answer is yes. For pennies on the dollar, even if it takes vastly superior numbers.
It seems quite likely that by rapidly pushing forward with drones the US military has managed to level the playing field again.

All they need to do to reverse this is develop large powerful land based ones, but for now it is much easier to program and control them in the air.
And any air platform is easily crashed by fouling the control or lift surfaces, or entangling the drive.

It seems we have more time than I thought to grow up before our toys kill us all.
Since one of the main trends right now is tinier and tinier and more and more swarm intelligence, it will not be a lot of time.

For now a cheap consumer drone without any payload is an effective counter, but when they get too small to see very well, it will once again be like fighter jets, tanks, and rocket launchers VS rifles.

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