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geanark's Journal

26 November 1963
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tosa, 68th and state, 'till 16
3 trips to sunday school was enough to put me off circular reasoning.
1967, lincoln grade school, 1 mile each way.
1976, longfellow junior high, 1.5 miles, uphill both ways.
1979 moved to 84th and watertown plank rd.
1984 grad from tosa east, 1 mile each way again.
1985 joined Army National Guard, med lab. training.
1986 fall, UWM.
1987 moved to mad town.
1987 spring, UW.
1988 unable to afford to attend.
1990 got out of the Reserve.
1991 moved back to Milwaukee, lived in Dad's warehouse on 35th and Vliet.
1995 saw portions of last Dead tour, also my first.
1996 started working in plastics, joined partners to open Virtue art gallery on E. Center st.
1997 injection mold set-up.
1998 bought first desktop.
1999 waste water floatation treatment at ITU, New Berlin.
2001 wrecked my car, became bartender down the block at Shanahan's Irish Pub on Fratney.
2003 went back to UWM.
2006 graduating with IR BS.
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