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Name The Mining Bill Game - geanark
Name The Mining Bill Game
Help us out with your vote here. I've noticed some have taken to calling this an "Open Pit Mining Bill" which I find very unsatisfactory. Frack sand mines are open pits, this is supposedly about Iron ore.

Apparently, however, the following language is in the bill:

"295.645(8): EXEMPTIONS TO GROUNDWATER QUALITY STANDARDS. When issuing or modifying a mining permit or issuing OR REISSUING ANY OTHER APPROVAL, the department may grant an exemption from a groundwater quality standard and establish an alternative concentration limit to a groundwater quality standard."

"Open Pit Mining Bill" is kinda like calling a nuclear missile an aero-flyer,calling an armed "drone" a model airplane, or calling Wounded Knee a tussle.

They get away with calling gutting unions "Right To Work", and the school to prison pipeline "No Child Left Behind"!?

We need to start calling it like it actually is a whole lot better, and this bill has nothing to do with open pit mining per se at all. I'm not at all advocating exaggeration or hyperbole, that is something we do way too much of already.


Kill Tourism Jobs Bill

Abolish Water Standards Bill

No Environmental Regulations for Iron Mines Bill

Gogebic Mining's Bill

Free The Water Pollution Bill

Support Sulfuric Acid Leaching Bill?

Pollute at Will Mining Bill

End Water Regulation Bill

Kill Wild Rice Bill

Who Needs Fish Bill

Who Needs Water Bill

Crappier Jobs Bill

Freedom For Sulfuric Acid Bill

Your Idea Here

Open Pit Mining Bill

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